1 is 2 Many PSA

1 is 2 many

1 is 2 Many PSA


“Feminism aint about women/ that’s not who it is for/ it’s about a shift in consciousness/ that will bring an end to war”

-Ani DiFranco




spread your wings anew

In the new year, before we start thinking about all the things we are going to do, we just wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the things we did. I want to send the biggest thank you to all of you who visit Kuntsrule, follow Kuntsrule, and to those who are brave enough to share their thoughts and feelings on Kuntsrule. You all make this community because it is yours, not ours. There have been posts that make me think, “Hell yes!” and others that make me think, “Wow…never thought of it that way!” and I hope we are able to give back to you, readers/writers/kunts, in inspiring ways as well. Keep bringing us that thing that only you can share with the world, YOU, in 2014. We want to hear you whisper, shout, moan, giggle, yell from all corners of the earth.

new wings
spread your wings

And now, some love and guidelines for the new year. Many of you may have seen this piece as it has popped up in my cyber world several times throughout the winter season. But I think it is an incredibly sweet and insightful twist to the usual new year’s resolutions.

24 Rules For Being A Human Being In 2014

This list was reposted from Thought Catalog and written by Brianna Wiest
read the original link here.

1. Learn to be okay with not being okay.

2. Learn to have conversations that do not consist of lambasting someone else, especially when that someone is you.

3. Give the most kindness to those who seem like they least deserve it.

4. Learn to define and describe people without initially reaching for their sex or appearance as key adjectives.

5. Realize that perspective determines everything.

6. Understand that when something upsets you, it’s striking a nerve of truth.

7. Understand that when someone upsets you, the best thing to do is understand where they’re coming from.

8. Know that no matter how far you’ve come, there’s no point at which it’s appropriate to remain sedentary.

9. Be radically, sincerely honest. Be shocked at how deeply you can connect with people when you are.

10. Know that if you want to have a conversation about something that upsets you, insulting someone is only the by-product of your own defenses, and will ultimately raise theirs as well, not open lines of understanding and communication.

11. Realize that selflessness is one of the most predominantly wonderful qualities a person can have.

12. Learn to actually feel happy for other people.

13. Go into everything with the knowing that you don’t know it all, and that every experience is valid.

14. Invest in extra linens, donate what you don’t use, and keep extra Tylenol on you because people tend to need it and be without it rather frequently.

15. Call your siblings more.

16. Be present in what’s at hand. You owe it to the people in your life and to the things you’ve built for yourself.

17. Understand that letting go and moving on means very humbly and slowly gesturing in the direction of which you’d like to reach.

18. Get dressed everyday, just for yourself.

19. Give better goodbyes.

20. Carve out time to do nothing but be with yourself.

21. Boldly make yourself your first priority. You’ll do everything better when you do.

22. Stop shaming yourself for doing things that are perfectly, normally human, but happen to be deemed imperfect in society.

23. Read. A lot.

24. Reach out to people, open your heart, and watch how eagerly they jump in and do the same.

the return of the divine feminine

Scott Kelly

I keep hearing about the return of the divine feminine. That our collective consciousness has spent too much time in the masculine paradigm… That every mechanism of our self destructive society must change, needs change, and will change. We will come to see beauty and nature and the gentle, strong, empowered, loving divine feminine come alive again. Well that sounds good to me! But damn, are we ready? Maybe that’s what is needed, but don’t we actually need to change? From what I have learned in life, it’s much more about action. Yes, believe the shit out of your hopes, visualize the manifestation, but Also do, act on those sights, those goals…progress takes movement.

For too long, the women, the oppressed, the ʺotherʺ has sought to fight back, to rage war against those who have oppressed, or even just those who resided on the privileged side of matters.
To me, this directly relates to the Girls of the feminist movement. I’ve met plenty of women who claim to be feminists, but I’m talking about the girls who violently display their hurt, frustrations, and anger to all who merely flash a display of ʺsuperiorityʺ over the female entity.

In reality, the masculine not only treat women as less, but each other as this! Blacks not only have resentment for whites, but each other! Boys do so many hurtful and dis empowering things to each other all the time, and continue to do so until awakened and conscious. We act childish and hurtful to ourselves. What I mean here, is that all these divided, singular ʺmovementsʺ really are hypocritical and weightless, for they are making the situation in the world worse! These issues are not for women, blacks, Asians, Latinas, LGBTIQ, or any other silly group that says ‘their’ issues are most important! ‘Their’ issues are everyone’s issue, and by denying that, they are feeding into the oppressive system. Yes, be oh so proud of your heritage, where you ʺcomeʺ from, sure, celebrate! But if you believe that that is really who you are, then you aren’t much….sorry to be blunt, but we are much more than our  identity. We are unique and beautiful spirits of the universe, whose thoughts, words, and actions, can literally change the world and our reality in unbelievably powerful ways.  So why continue to focus on what is wrong, so much so that we focus on the minute details that lead us down rabbit holes of mindless critique of being approached on the street. Lets go down that rabbit hole for just one second. I wonder if those Girls who get angry at a man complimenting their smile on the street ever stop being a selfish ʺvictimʺ and realize how much power they can have in this sort of situation? First, um hell yes, that man was actually focused on something more than your ass. He looked at one of the more important portals of you body and took appreciation in the divine beauty you hold. What about the more ʺdoucheyʺ dudes who comment on your sexiness. Yes, maybe he wants to fuck, and defiantly is not respecting you the way you want, so leave! Ignore and keep walking. Be the stronger human and don’t let his insecurities and unconscious actions get in the way of you being a beautiful and strong woman who can’t be fucked with! No need to get defensive and be a bitch back, but if you feel the desire, go ahead, put him in his place, but think about what actually might be the most effective thing to say, just saying ʺfuck off, scumbagʺ is about as selfish and disturbed as he is. We are really all in this together, so why not express a moment of truth. Let him know you respect yourself and your body too much to let him talk like that about you or to you, and that he should too… In whatever way makes sense to you, but be a Woman and add that real sexy powerful grace that the Divine feminine oozes out of her soul. My friends and I used to make a joke out of it, making putrid faces and foul noises, dancing absolutely ridiculous when someone tried to grab you from behind at a club. Not exactly graceful, but we were learning and at that point it made sence for us to reflect the absurdity back onto the perpetrator. Don’t let it get to you! These issues are completely minute on the scale of what we deal with. Feminists, to me, only make sence to work for equal pay and opportunity, right now! Women who work hard, use their mind, and are driven deserve equal to anyone else that does the same, but in reality the masculine essence of society throughout the world doesn’t just hurt women.

Every ʺotherʺ or revolutionary group is faulty in the same ways. Civil rights are pointless child’s play in comparison to human rights. Our system is faulty in the way it treats humans bad, our society is corrupted in how we compete and bring down each other relentlessly, our relationships are fuckery in the selfish brain dead way we treat the people that should and do matter to us.

Ever heard of divide and conquer, yeah that’s what is going on, we have helped the system make sure the gays the blacks, the women, etc. never get anywhere! We have divided so thoroughly to the point of irrelevant detail. To me, I see the same patterns in modern science. Scientists have divided into the smallest sectors and issues possible, so that they don’t even speak the same language! Only of late have some disciplines worked to create new connections in their fields to look at issues on a little bigger of a picture. To make larger hypothesis, system wide ideas and solutions, to actually make a difference in the world. Not just study one function of one protein in one organ in the body of mice and decided to ʺfixʺ it and hope it does the same thing in humans….

I have once believed I was a feminist, believed so strongly in women’s rights, wanted to ʺfight backʺ at my ʺoppressorsʺ but thankfully I saw this necessary lesson and moved forward. The actions of most feminists are too crude, too selfish, and really too masculine. I hope all women see the injustice we deal with, and feel that hurt, move on and most importantly keep growing. We have much bigger fish to fry baby girl, now lets be women.

Grow up and visualize that Divine Feminine within ourselves and in each other. Support each other and humanity as a whole, have grace and forgiveness, not just for them, but for your ability to Move On. So that you can move forward to the next lesson/ journey in this blessed life we were givin.

I deeply appreciate this blog and all the beautiful spirits who contribute. Lets provide the open space for each other and for the many other oppressed spirits in the world. Stop victimizing yourselves and take strength in your dance through life. Lets provide the space, the example, the opportunity for the Divine Feminine to return in every ounce of our weakened world. 2014 looks to be a rough one on many large issues, so don’t get caught up in those roles. Breath, Be, Beautiful. ❤

*The picture. A friend, Scott Kelly at Luminous fibers Design made it and it is called Venus

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female nude rant

Earlier this year, I found myself in California, indulging in tide pool voyeurism. It was the middle of a trip whose adventure to driving ratio was approximately 1:8, and whose premise was a Las Vega Latin convention––Latin, as in the dead language. Suddenly (explanations of how and why would be dull and insipid), here we were on Laguna Beach among rocks pitted with shells and flies swarming the sweating kelp. The tide pools were intoxicating– the way I had to step carefully to avoid crushing things that might already be dead, the way a space unfolded so that I saw crabs everywhere where before I had scanned only pebbles. There is something in a crab that wants to be found, yes? The pincers are so coy, the shell so demure.

On the way back, slightly sunburned but with the salt already licked off my lips, I wandered into a gallery near the bus stop. The gallery, I quickly realized, only represented one woman* artist. Her paintings were all of blotchy flowers. (Note that I have the highest respect for certain blotchy flowers. Joan Snyder is a deep love of mine.) My survey also concluded that two of the four men represented by the gallery addressed the female nude. One featured a selection of naked women, painted gruffly with a pallet knife, their backs to the viewer. The other had a fantastical style––less like World of Warcraft and more akin to a plump-lipped, cartoonish translation of cakes into people (but, like, skinny cakes).

The female nude has been done throughout Western history, viewed for a time as a necessary part of any artists’ repertoire. Painting female flesh has been compared to painting landscapes, which themselves carry complicated associations in America with manifest destiny and private ownership. Very often, women are painted with a blatant male gaze, a gaze that removes her individuality and reduces her to an object, able to be bought, sold, and swapped in and out of any picture. There are certainly challenges to this, painted by people of every gender. Edouard Manet caused a stir when Olympia drew her hand across herself, staring at the viewer as if to say, This is mine. Jenny Saville paints fat women in a way that insists beautiful and fat are not mutually exclusive terms.

I think that the question of objectifying is infinitely complicated, and I have a particularly complicated relationship with it. I believe we objectify people all the time. Sure we see them as sex, but also as cogs in the capitalist machine, as the verdicts of a trial, as numbers and generalizations. And sometimes it’s consensual and kinky, but often it’s really sad. What we are often talking about when we say something is “objectifying” is how it is combined with power, the power of systems of the oppression, which make painting a naked woman’s back a threat. It is a threat in that it says, This could be any woman’s back so long as she is thin and white and young and it is ours to define as beautiful. It says, This is, in fact, ours look at as symbol rather than individual, to transpose and use, to use again, to titillate. It is a symbol of sex and mystery, but by becoming mystery, she ceases to be real and by being woman, she is defined as sex. Her turned face is not the object of fantasy, but rather the excuse to imagine everything except her face, not having to watch her expression or grapple with body language of one who knows she is being watched. This is not even encompassing the complications of representing race, which has often been figured as all body, all sex without the beauty privilege of whiteness. This culminates in the double awareness of oneself as a woman and of the consciousness of the men saying, THIS is sexy. Vehemently voyeuristic, it insists upon tidal pool logic. This sample of the ocean implies all the rest.

This experience did not feel unique to me. In a modern to contemporary painting exhibit at a well-know museum, an entire room was devoted to the female nude. Every painter exhibited in that room identified as a man. While I refuse to believe that men should not attempt the female nude, but I would really really truly deeply love to see anyone painting the female nude grapple with its history. It is so easy to paint a naked back with a trendy style and have it suggest good taste or class. It is as done and bland as bowls of fruit.**

Perched at the edge of a tide pool, I sketched a small brown crab crouched between a rock and another rock. It was slowly creeping into the narrower recess. Hiding from me, as if it went slowly enough, it would escape before I realized it was gone. Like most of my drawings, it detailed from right to left. Read in reverse. Each shadow ended at the tip of a claw.

* I was making assumptions based off of names, though I realize that not everyone who uses a traditionally feminine name identifies as female or was born with that name.

** Bowls of fruit could be totally edgy too, come to think of it. I would love to see that.

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community: art by faggette


Fagette is a UK based artist who makes these posters to hang up around her town.


But we thought we’d plaster them up in our cyber neighborhood just in case you didn’t happen to be walking down a cozy British street this fine Saturday morning. We wouldn’t want you to miss out.


We don’t.