twinkle toilet


perched on the tank lid of my toilet is a book about power yoga…it’s been sitting there for about 2 years now, always open so the spine is pretty broken now. beryl bender birch’s musings on the practice of power yoga, the experience of the body and the mind. sometimes it appears to me as if i am not even reading this book because the pages turn so slowly. every time i sit down on the toilet for more than 15 seconds i pick up the book and work further through the yoga wisdom. i typically have time for about 1 substantial paragraph, maybe 2. slow going, but i always leave my morning or afternoon or evening, whatever, bathroom routine with a new thought, a new piece of information to consider. this morning beryl’s words made me feel cosmic. on today’s page she was describing the constant undulation of stars, expanding and compressing in an ongoing play between the forces of gravity and heat combustion. this is what makes them twinkle she said. i thought it sounded sort of like breathing. she went on. and we are made out of the very same stuff of stars…always navigating dynamic forces of energy surrounding us, input and output, receiving and responding…we were made to twinkle!

i liked this. i liked that we were made to twinkle because all the matter in the world has momentum that is being negotiated by different forces–physical forces, emotional forces, cosmic forces. i went out into the world for my morning walk twinkling along with the new-fallen snow.


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