the return of the divine feminine

Venus I keep hearing about the return of the divine feminine. That our collective consciousness has spent too much time in the masculine paradigm… That every mechanism of our self destructive society must change, needs change, and will change. We will come to see beauty and nature and the gentle, strong, empowered, loving divine feminine […]

community: perspectives: I Am Not a Feminist, But I’ve Got a Match and Kerosene and Patriarchy’s Splinters Smell Dry Tonight

Kuntsrule asked Brandon from Progressive Paradox to write a guest piece. Really thought provoking stuff about why the difference between identity and action is important. We thank you, Brandon, for your words. Read on, friends: … I want to think in terms, not of what I think I “am,” but of what I do. Three […]

community: art: ghada amer’s personal pleasures

(KSKC, 2005. via Ghada Amer is primarily known for working with themes of love, women, and sexuality. Her works have popularly been interpreted as urging women to own their sexuality, to revel in it rather than hide it, or hide from it. Ghada Amer is most famous for her embroidered paintings in which she […]