what is real love?

“Part of respecting and appreciating everything from people to nature is opening yourself to giving it your full attention, your concentration.  I find it useful to minimize my conscious thoughts, and allow myself to fully submerge in the moment, the person’s words, and truly internalize what they are telling me; truly connect with them as […]

community: our community

it makes our hearts warm to know that the kuntsrule community circles the globe. here are the many locations that you all are reading and submitting from. we welcome posts in other languages if english isn’t your speed!   merci, grazie, danke, شكرا, gracias, תודה, teşekkür ederim, धन्यवाद, obrigado, and a million more thanks to […]

community: how does kuntsrule work?

Kuntsrule is a blog that has two types of posts: 1) Stories: our readers submit their stories! kuntsrule is a safe space for self-identified women to unite as a community to support one another’s independent expressions. this is the place for you to talk about the big moments and the tiniest moments that meant something […]