Have Better Sex: GetCurious with Safety Girl

We could all use many more sex-positive, women-positive sex shops in the world. Places where you can get comfortable, ask questions, and know you are welcomed and celebrated… well, fellow kunts, you can now add one more to your list!   via Facebook Last weekend while I was exploring Ann Arbor I stumbled upon a […]

community: literature review: A Queer and Pleasant Danger by Kate Bornstein

(via unoportartfilms.org) This book is great. Memoirs can be awesome. But they can also sometimes be a little slow, a little bogged down in the historicals of so and so’s actual life, no matter how compelling that life was. Kate Bornstein is anything but slow. How to describe Ms. Bornstein? One of the first things […]

community: literature review: How Poetry Saved My Life, a hustler’s memoir—Amber Dawn

(via amazon.com) Amber Dawn’s untraditional memoir chronicles her experiences as a sex-worker in the streets and massage parlours of Vancouver and celebrates her self as a prostitute, poet, writer, student, queer femme, lover, friend, and woman. She arranges poetry and short essays into three sections—Outside, Inside, and Inward. As the book segments suggests, the memoir […]

community: international clit

  (via blog.planetlovematch.com) we didn’t know it was international clitoris week either!and there’s only one day left to celebrate! (just kidding you should celebrate your clit every day of the year). this blog post was written by Trisha Borowicz who says, “i’m a biologist by day and blog critically on a specific intersection of science, […]