community: watch this, read this, feel this

andrea gibson’s poetry is brilliant like a super smart crown jewel, watch her perform her spoken word piece, “Say Yes”: Andrea Gibson – Say Yes – YouTube. (via andrea gibson is so many things. she is a beautiful writer, speaker, poet, and activist/voice for women, queer, trans*, and abused individuals. she speaks out and […]

community: literature review: A Queer and Pleasant Danger by Kate Bornstein

(via This book is great. Memoirs can be awesome. But they can also sometimes be a little slow, a little bogged down in the historicals of so and so’s actual life, no matter how compelling that life was. Kate Bornstein is anything but slow. How to describe Ms. Bornstein? One of the first things […]

community: When ♀-Ness is the most manly thing you’ve seen today

Weekly Feature: ♀-Ness In a TedTalks presentation, Jackson Katz speaks out against men’s violence and abuse towards women, children, and other men. He helps us re-frame abuse dialogue to empower females and hold males responsible for their actions. Beautifully said, Mr. Katz, we need so many men like you. Thank you LKF, for bringing this […]