community: head on the ground, feet in the clouds

(via weheartit) when i was younger my grandmother told me that i should stand on my head every day for a few minutes so that my hair would grow longer. i thought she was crazy and told her that i was a gymnast who was doing plenty of daily handstands so she needn’t worry. now, […]

community: can i offer you a cuppa…?

many of you may already be dedicated coffee or tea drinkers so you might be happy to know that there are many healthy advantages to your habits whether you prefer the roasted beans or the dried leaves or both! and for those of you struggling with true addiction…don’t worry, many of the health benefits are […]

community: Be Juicy

(via As the long winter turns into bright spring, I have been feeling lighter and more brilliant. Finally, I can walk outside and feel the sun tanning my skin. The air smells of flowering trees (trees that miraculously spend a week smelling exactly like vaginas, some people say “fish,” we know what they mean) […]