Kuntsrule is a safe space for self-identified women to unite as a community to support one another’s independent expressions. we live by the philosophy “la mujer no nace, se hace,” meaning that no one is born a woman, you make yourself a woman. we want to know how you do that. let your body, your sexuality, your self out of that pretty, socially appropriate, little box we’ve cutely wrapped and sealed with a kiss. we want to see you, touch you, smell you and most of all hear you. your voice is important because it creates and defines our world. we need to care about you and me and everyone else. be part of the conversation because we know you have something no one else can offer.

submit your story at Kuntsrule Submission.

Navigating Kuntsrule:

Homepage: this is where you will see stories and posts from all writers on all subjects (♀-Ness, Body, Sex, Be Well) in chronological order. head to the bottom of the homepage and click on CATEGORIES if you would like to see posts divided by subject.

Our blog has two types of posts:

1) Stories…this is what you write! Anonymous and diverse, Kuntsrule stories come from you, the reader. Your voices will guide what we are pondering and grappling with each week.

2) Community you will find Kuntsrule-written features such as interviews, literature and film reviews, question and answer sessions, music recommendations, recipes, travel ideas, product and event promotions, and anything we think will make your life just a little brighter today.

Submitting to Kuntsrule:

It’s easy! Anyone can contribute! Submit your story at Kuntsrule Submission. We love when you title your work and indicate whether you would like it tagged as ♀-Ness, Body, Sex, or Be Well. Your submissions are anonymous and to respect everyone’s privacy, please do not use people’s real names in your stories. We will never reveal or share information about you. By submitting your story in our submissions box, you agree that we can publish your story on this blog. We look forward to reading!

Please use trigger warnings if the material you are writing about may affect a reader who is sensitive to the subject.

If our site does not cater to your physical abilities, please send us an e-mail at kuntsrule@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.

la mujer no nace, se hace


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