community: literature review: Staying Alive

(via Vandana Shiva’s Staying Alive examines the effects of humanity falling away from what she calls the “Feminine Principle” meaning the principals of an integrated, sustainable lifestyle and ecology. She argues that patriarchal and capitalist world-views has forcibly imposed poverty on the feminine, nature-based world in the name of “development.” You can buy the […]

community: mantra meditations

Mantra Meditation derives from a time when words and names were used to call to the gods of pre-Buddha Vedic traditions. It was though that words and names had a strong power to change and influence the outside world. With the rise of the spiritual practice of Tantra, these words became integrated into meditation. Tantra […]

community: words of love

good morning! have you ever had that indescribable feeling of…ah!…something for another person? It’s just too hard to put into words? maybe another language knows just how you are feeling… Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese): The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone’s hair. Retrouvailles (French):  The happiness of meeting again after a long time. Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan, an indigenous […]