Refinery29 brings the best of the web for women

Check out the top 24 websites for women as decided by Refinery29: Best Websites For Women 2013. Did you know that there is a professional networking and advice network just for women?? The Levo League is like Ladies LinkedIn. And of course I was a big fan of Stone Fox Bride…yet another bridal website that makes […]

community: perspectives: I Am Not a Feminist, But I’ve Got a Match and Kerosene and Patriarchy’s Splinters Smell Dry Tonight

Kuntsrule asked Brandon from Progressive Paradox to write a guest piece. Really thought provoking stuff about why the difference between identity and action is important. We thank you, Brandon, for your words. Read on, friends: … I want to think in terms, not of what I think I “am,” but of what I do. Three […]

community: why you need to cuddlesnugglehug today

did you know that cuddling can boost your mental and physical health? here’s how: (via 1. Cuddling releases oxytocin, the famous bonding-feel good chemical.   2. Cuddling reduces stress which in turn lowers risk for high blood pressure and even heart disease.   3. Cuddling before bed can help you fall asleep faster.   […]