Refinery29 brings the best of the web for women

Check out the top 24 websites for women as decided by Refinery29: Best Websites For Women 2013. Did you know that there is a professional networking and advice network just for women?? The Levo League is like Ladies LinkedIn. And of course I was a big fan of Stone Fox Bride…yet another bridal website that makes […]

eyeless love thanks the supremes

The supreme court declared the federal definition of marriage in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional today. They also dismissed the standing appeal of Prop 8 in California. Big day those guys had.

community: perspectives: I Am Not a Feminist, But I’ve Got a Match and Kerosene and Patriarchy’s Splinters Smell Dry Tonight

Kuntsrule asked Brandon from Progressive Paradox to write a guest piece. Really thought provoking stuff about why the difference between identity and action is important. We thank you, Brandon, for your words. Read on, friends: … I want to think in terms, not of what I think I “am,” but of what I do. Three […]