{Weekly Feature: Sex: May 7 2013)


This week we’re thinking about women and porn. Some porn is great and some porn can be very shady, abusive, and unacceptable. You have the power to decide where you fall in terms of porn consumption. You may be in to porn and you may not be in to porn. Both attitudes are awesome! We also think that responsible, woman-positive porn is awesome (and necessary) and we are here to celebrate that! But sometimes it’s hard to find that porn you want with both you vag and your heart and your mind…porn that you can trust not to hurt or abuse their models, porn that has an open mind and a big vision of what it means to value a diversity of bodies, genders, identities, sexual fetishes, ethnicities, and artistry. Well, we have at least one answer for you!

This week we are featuring Courtney Trouble’s site Indie Porn Revolution at Indie Porn Revolution. This site “mixes alt, gay, lesbian, straight, trans, kink, and BBW content. It’s sexy, artsy, entertaining, all-inclusive, and totally DIY. In a word: ours” (SF Guardian). It’s a place where you can feel confident that the porn you are watching was produced and acted in by people who share the values that you think are vitally important.


Check out their mission statement to see what they’re about: No Fauxxx : Mission Statement – the oldest running Queer Porn site – your spot for indie porn, queer sex, trans gay lesbian and genderqueer porn! » Indie Porn Revolution.


Now that you’re thinking about porn, do you want to know more? If so, we’ve found both some savory and unsavory facts about women and porn via Guess What? Many Ladies Love Porn: 10 Interesting Facts About Women’s Porn Habits | Alternet. Read on!

“In 2007, almost 13 million were watching porn on a monthly basis.”
“Porn has been around since the Paleolithic period… it was conducted on cave walls. In addition to woolly mammoths, engraved images of nude women and crude vulvas (think Pac-Man meets ice cream cone), and doggy-style drawings exist as early as 10,000 BCE.”



“According to findings in the Journal of Sex Research, porn stars have higher self-esteem, are more spiritual, and feel better about their bodies than women not in the adult industry.”
“Porn stars [are] far more likely to identify as bisexual (67 percent, compared to the match group’s 7 percent), that they had sex at an earlier age (15, compared to the match group’s 17), had more sexual partners (on average, a porn star has more sex partners in one year than a non-porn star has in her lifetime, and this doesn’t include their work partners).”
“Millward’s study also looked at the most common female roles in porn and found that “teen” won by a landslide; the word appeared in 1,966 titles. Curiously, “MILF” came in second, with 954 titles.”
“Porn is one of the few professions where women make more money than men do… female performers often earn between $600 and $1,000 for a scene, men are usually only paid less than $150 for a scene,” according to All Time 10s, and theGuardian.”
“A 2008 study by Meredith Chivers, detailed in the New York Times, found that straight women showed signs of physical arousal when shown images of just about everything — masturbation, straight sex, girl-on-girl action, guy-on-guy action, and even footage of bonobo chimps mating. What didn’t turn them on, you ask? Pictures of naked men.”

Alright, you’ve studied up enough. Go Play!



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