Last week a boy I knew passed away, he took his life. I don’t want to comment more on what happened because I wasn’t close to him and I really don’t know what happened or what was going on in his life. And I don’t want to lay claim to the enormous pain I know […]

good vibes on the street

This morning I went downtown to get some bread from the weekend farmer’s market. I was sitting all alone at a table waiting for the line to go down when a woman selling Street Vibes, an activist paper fighting homelessness (and largely distributed, managed, and written by individuals who are or have been homeless), walked […]

what’s your ideal day?

My ideal day is waking up outside to the sun on my face –  not an overpowering sweaty sun of doom or a jolting sun stream from a fourth floor dusty window but rather a sun of purely golden goodness, waking me to that feeling I get in those in-between limbo times like holiday breaks […]