Barely four feet tall, two fishbowls for eyes, ideas always swimming transparently inside them, around and around and around. My Abuela would giggle with me, always exclaiming how my curls turned into gold yarn in the sun. The fishbowls almost tipping over and spilling all their water when I heard this – I had hair made of gold? And so I treasured these curls, held them softly in my hand, turning them over and properly inspecting this miracle, naturally refusing to get haircuts – how could I just snip off these tresses made of real gold? After all, there was probably someone who I could save by giving them my hair – a world of negotiations between Rapunzels and Rumpelstiltskins that I could now be a part of. I would gather my treasure into a very high, tight ponytail to make sure I didn’t loose it, all the while showing it off as the loose coils cascaded like a glittering fountain on top of my head. I only let my brother’s grubby fingers splash around in it because I liked him.


We all forget sometimes the true treasures we possess, and it’s not always as obvious as gold. Look around you for your jewels, but never forget to look inside of you for the most important ones. Some of them are a little dirty, maybe they’ve been neglected for a while, but like your great-grandmother’s engagement ring, the sparkle underneath never goes away. Do some inner dusting off, and be sure to share these new not-so-secret treasures with the world you are a part of.



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