community: FuckRapeCulture, need we say more?

Changing culture is hard because by definition culture tends to feel normal, comfortable, acceptable, and right. Changing culture takes courage and resolve, it takes a lot of work, dedication, and organization. Cheers to these ladies and gentleman who took and are taking part in fuckrapeculture at Ohio University and are putting themselves out there to shift mainstream rape culture out of it’s cozy creepy armchair.

(the new political)

” A new Ohio University activism group f*ckrapeculture, focused on promoting a culture of tolerance toward all and ending a culture of fear of sexual harassment, held its first public demonstration Friday with a march up Mill and Court Street before ending in a demonstration on College Green. Over 100 people flowed through busy Athens streets as bystanders listened to their chants of “Blame the system, not the victim,” – The New Political

“Each and every one of us has the right to walk home alone at night without fear of cat-calling, harassment, or intimidation,” she said. “We all have the right to equal dignity and respect regardless of our bodies, our gender our gender, whatever. We’re all equals and we deserve equal respect.” -Allie Erwin, cofounder of Fuckrapeculture

Read The New Political’s article at


How can you fuck rape culture?

“Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.” Marshall University

Know your Rape Culture. Some examples:

Blaming the victim (“She asked for it!”)
Trivializing sexual assault (“Boys will be boys!”)
Sexually explicit jokes
Tolerance of sexual harassment
Inflating false rape report statistics
Publicly scrutinizing a victim’s dress, mental state, motives, and history
Gratuitous gendered violence in movies and television
Defining “manhood” as dominant and sexually aggressive
Defining “womanhood” as submissive and sexually passive
Pressure on men to “score”
Pressure on women to not appear “cold”
Assuming only promiscuous women get raped
Assuming that men don’t get raped or that only “weak” men get raped
Refusing to take rape accusations seriously
Teaching women to avoid getting raped instead of teaching men not to rape

What can you do?

Avoid using language that objectifies or degrades women
Speak out if you hear someone else making an offensive joke or trivializing rape
If a friend says s/he has been raped, take her/him seriously and be supportive
Think critically about the media’s messages about women, men, relationships, and violence
Be respectful of others’ physical space
Always communicate with sexual partners and do not assume consent
Define your own manhood or womanhood
Get involved! Join a student or community group working to end violence against women.


 Read more about ending rape culture at for further suggestions and links to educate yourself.

Read more on fuckrapeculture at OU in The Post’s article at

Let’s end this shit ASAP.





2 thoughts on “community: FuckRapeCulture, need we say more?

  1. It’s devastating to see just how prominent this notion of rape culture has become in popular society. The fact that it is embedded into our music, movies, video games, media… we almost can’t escape it. And the fact is, that pop culture is just conditioning us to accept this is a natural way of life.

    I recently wrote a post about the fact that women constantly get sexually harrassed on the street because of their clothing – as if it is acceptable for men to torment them as a result of what they wear, and I think it resonates really well with your message.

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