Have Better Sex: GetCurious with Safety Girl

We could all use many more sex-positive, women-positive sex shops in the world. Places where you can get comfortable, ask questions, and know you are welcomed and celebrated… well, fellow kunts, you can now add one more to your list!
via Facebook
Last weekend while I was exploring Ann Arbor I stumbled upon a veritable gem! I wandered into a shop called Bongz n Thongz which, logically, was filled with a lot of bongs, but then I noticed the stairs leading to a lower level. I headed downward and came face to face with an energetic and smiling woman with a hot pink bob who greeted me with, “welcome to my Girl Cave!”
This is how I met Tanya Brown, the Curious Executive Officer of Get Curious with Safety Girl sex shop in Ann Arbor.
According to Brown, “SafetyGirl’s mission has never wavered. She wants everyone to feel comfortable about sex. In her shop, she calls it “girl talk,” sex positive conversation, playful, candid, educational and always fun, where being kinky is always good. SafetyGirl makes sure you get what you need with class and style.”

“Brown calls the boutique her “Girl Cave.” “It has everything I love, ladies vintage lingerie, sexy shoes, accessories, fishnets and clothing along with a massive collection of fun adult toys, lubes, oils, games, bondage wear and novelties. It also has local art, skulls and hula hoops, and anything else SafetyGirl finds amusing, fun, sparkly and/or pleasurable. SafetyGirl’s specialty is her Gourmet Love Baskets, custom made fun baskets filled with toys and romance, shrink wrapped and decorated with love. They make a great gift! Batteries always included.”- via Get Curious

So check out Get Curious’ website (there’s an online store for those who do not live in Ann Arbor!) and like Get Curious on Facebook!
Ms. Brown has an awesome shop and an awesome story! We love to support those who support us and make our dreams and desires and fantasies into realities.

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