love letter part II

XX <>                                                                                       3 de set (9 dias atrás)

para XY

I’m not done I was thinking about so much but now it’s kind of all swam away. But the same thing still holds true from that talk almost a year ago (whoa!). – I won’t be the one to hold you back from life and experience  and I just need to be more confident in myself that you’ll still want to talk to me even though you can’t touch me for a little bit which is hard but I need to grow into that for myself anyway so it’s good. And we should both change our profile pictures at the same time : ) but you can’t delete me!!!


This is so scary but I think it’s the right cliff to jump off of. I only want you to smile when you think of me, if nothing else I just want to elicit from you a smile. I care about you so much and I’m useless to you if I can’t give you the world or well help you find the world on your own. I think and know you are an incredible most unique and guardian angel / teacher not only to me but pretty much everyone you meet. I trust you enough to be able to do this so please don’t make me regret it. I know you won’t but it’s so hard because I’ve never known anyone like you, and have never kept a relationship this strong going through such an uncertain time within that relationship. I just cried and screamed. But now I want to let go and love. And I love you a lot so I just need to practice the letting go, which I’m way better at least! And please just remember that  I really really hope we get to touch each other again and a lot and the way it’s been the last 2 months has been so amazing and it’s so cool how we can learn each other and I want to learn and study you sooo much more and you’ve made me feel so good and I want to keep doing that with you but please remember that anyone you’re with will also eventually be with me should it happen again and I trust you and your judgement but you’ve grown into such a powerful man even in the last year so keep being powerful and keep making yourself better and don’t settle for superficial stuff and try on different experiences and see what’s worth holding back from and what’s not. Everything’s an experience and we learn from everything – but we should both remember the kind of person we’ve found in each other and even if there’s no one else on this tiny planet who we’d rather be with we should try not to spread ourselves into people who we wouldn’t at least (hypothetically) introduce to each other. I know I think so much and I’ve really been practicing not– that’s a lie. I used to practice, right before I met you after someone told me, I should follow my heart more and try being disobedient to my mind – which I’m pretty sure can be directly traced to me being open to not only meeting you but knowing you we’re someone i wanted to get to know and understand. So I guess I should try working on that again. Anyway I trust both of us to get through all of this, whether its a month, until thanksgiving, or the rest of our lives. We can be mature enough to do this because our love is mature enough and from that we’ll become it too.

: )

I know you’re really busy and have a lot of other stuff to read I’m sorry

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