don’t be icliterate

(via vimeo)

let sophia wallace educate you. ah this girl is smart, she’s cliterate, and frankly, she’s real sexy…

Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris

{sofia wallace via huffington post}

“what i want people to get from my art is …talk about the clit, think about the clit, treat the clit on equal terms as the penis.  all the language that we have in english in terms of profanity goes back either to female genitals or the idea of what happens to them…cunt, twat, pussy, fuck you, mother fucker…it’s about the shame of what happens to these genitals. there’s something done to your body that makes you less and less worthy. we need more language…we need to get out of this frame that the only way to talk about the female body is to destroy it” – Wallace on the Cliteracy project

{sofia wallace via huffington post}

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