Last week a boy I knew passed away, he took his life. I don’t want to comment more on what happened because I wasn’t close to him and I really don’t know what happened or what was going on in his life. And I don’t want to lay claim to the enormous pain I know that his family and friends must be feeling right now for him. But I do know that the last time I saw him I didn’t make eye contact when he spoke to me and I disengaged quickly because he was one of those people that I thought was too good for me, happier than me, way funnier and cooler than me. I don’t know if I am wrong or right but I certainly don’t think it could have hurt to put away my assumptions and give him a real smile and look him genuinely in the eyes when he said hello. Because even when you only interact with someone for a few seconds, I think they deserve to feel like your presence is telling them, “hi, I see you, you exist, and I care about the interaction we are having.” I would guess that 90% of people in this world would love to feel like people notice and care about their existence more and I can’t know what percent might really need that acknowledgment.


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