(but no one would understand, so I kept it to myself)

i twirl my nose ring when i’m bored or when i’m thinking

i kind of like the weird smell it makes in my left nostril

my bi-yearly peak masturbation times in high school were during mid-terms and finals

i pluck my pubic hair with tweezers sometimes just for fun even though it makes my eyes water

sometimes the entire emotional pulse of the universe is tapped into me and i inexplicably can’t stop crying

i noticed your eyes and the profound simplicity in them before your biceps your lips your genius hands

even when you think i’m not staring i am

i look at your boobs

without the sun i shrivel back into my seed

i still want what’s best for you even though i’ve finally managed to stop bleeding from you

i think you’re beautiful and powerful when you’re vulnerable

i used to be embarrassed by the callous on my right middle finger

i really like hanging out with myself

i love you

but that’s not a secret

{Kuntsrule stories are written by our readers. Share your secrets at Kuntsrule Submission}


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