When we talk into the cyber world, who are we talking to? Is there anyone out there to hear me? When I read through this blog and hear all the thoughts and feel the feelings of what people are going through I feel some sort of connection. But sometimes I wonder how much connectivity is a figment of my imagination. I sat down and had coffee with a friend today and we talked about those moments when you really, really like someone, you’re so attracted to them…this feeling, it makes you believe that they must feel something back towards you too. Because how could you be so moved by another being if they are not moved back by you? How could you perceive yourself to be holding someone’s gaze in a meaningful way while they stare back at you, confused, thinking maybe this moment is awkward.

And I guess this silent response is what, in turn, confuses me. How is it that as interactive and social animals, we have not developed the ability to absorb the state of our own species occupying the same area as we are? I think maybe I am surprised that we are not telepathic yet…or not tele-emotional…is that too much to expect of humans that survive on each other?


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