making profit from our periods

I stumbled upon this amazing bizness today and want to share with all you kunts!

And while it is AWESOME and i TOTALLY WANT to get in on getting tampons n’ treats in care package form every month, it also made me think about how our menstruation is so connected to SHAME, and how that’s part of a greater system in which so much of our sexualities/bodies are connected to (and controlled by) this function of shame. The creator of helloflo mentions walking through her office with a see-through drugstore bag filled with tampon/pads as an embarrassing incident that can be avoided. Yes, being discreet and getting pad merch (ha) delivered to your home is amazing, but it makes me wonder why we’re being so discreet about something that is a completely NATURAL thing, and really the basis for LIFE! It’s just blood for cripessake!

Instead of neatly packaging and tidying away the fact that we have bodies that menstruate, I wish we could actually celebrate our periods ! Or at least, you know, carry a tampon to the bathroom every now and then without having to hide it under our sleeves.

thanks to our delicious kuntsrule readers keeping us in the know – what are your opinions on this video taking over the internet? As opposed to other companies, this little girl has no problem saying loud and clear “period! vadge! vagina!” – but HelloFlo is still trying to neatly package something that’s inherently messy – and so beautiful.

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