good vibes on the street


This morning I went downtown to get some bread from the weekend farmer’s market. I was sitting all alone at a table waiting for the line to go down when a woman selling Street Vibes, an activist paper fighting homelessness (and largely distributed, managed, and written by individuals who are or have been homeless), walked by. I asked her for one of the papers and paid the $1.50 it cost. She talked to me about the mission and the reach of the paper, pointed out some good articles to read, and explained that she was working to bring in extra cash while she was injured and couldn’t work her normal job. After a little, she turned to leave and said, “Oh, and also I have this for you-” and gave me with a hand written card thanking me for supporting her. I don’t know if she gave one to just me or gave one to everyone that morning who bought one of her papers, but it left me in a really good mood to have received such gratitude from a stranger for doing something relatively commonplace and taking a minute to have nice conversation. I didn’t open it until after she left and I wanted to thank her on my way out of the market but I couldn’t find her again. So for right now the best I can do is just pass along my appreciation to the more general universe for her positivity and friendliness that certainly brightened my morning.


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pics via weheartit

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