My little sister draws pictures and puts them on the bedroom wall we share.
She writes quotes from books and films and songs:
Things that I feel but am too afraid to say myself
Because I am too old to be feeling them for the first time.
I mock, but it is my defence.
She is about to emerge from childhood
Into her own life – a woman –
And I feel that I am a poor guide.
She has seen me break a heart
– And one so callow, too –
And have my own smashed in turn.
Hollow eyes and instant coffee, red wine split on the carpet.
And for some reason,
If I go back to him,
I feel that she, who does not judge, and sees the good in all,
Will come off worst.


{Kuntsrule stories are written by our readers. Share your own at Kuntsrule Submission.}

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