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it’s hard to get used to being without friends that you have grown accustomed to for years and years. it’s hard on the day that you pick up and move to feel the weight of everything that has been created between you. you know the moment is coming, you anticipate it down to the second you are walking out the door, and still it seems that you have not come up with a plan for how you are going to say good bye other than just saying that word, “good bye.” and then you are all gone. that’s not true. you aren’t gone but things are different. talking into a phone is in so many ways not the same as snuggling on the couch. writing letters and emails cannot perfectly recreate the expressive voices and faces and arms that you are attuned to. but it works and it is working. love can span great distances and great silences. and you find just how strong your support system has grown when you are left to stand on your own.

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