(candy meyer via fineartamerica.com)

i woke up so early this morning in this new life that i never thought i would have. and i don’t know what i think of it yet…all the responsibility, all the people watching you to see if you are well-adjusted, all the thinking about what you can do in the next hour to demonstrate your worth, nevermind tomorrow or next week. i am full.

i woke up to 90 degrees of dark, dry heat, me twisted in the white sheet of a hotel bed, the window cracked open, the a/c turned off. the first suit i have ever worn (and then shed) is crumpled in my overnight bag.

i woke up to the harsh ring of the bedside landline and through a headache felt good and valuable, for now. it is still dark. it is either late, late night or very early morning.

i woke up, and looked out on the sparkling lights of juarez, not so far away.

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