community: women on the walls

art comes in infinite forms but one of the most accessible and the most equal of all art forms is graffiti. the world is both your canvas and your audience and no one needs to cough up $15 or a valid student ID to enjoy your work.

when you look at these pieces by Faith47, Jana Joana, and Hera, what is your response? for example when i look at Jana Joana’s elongated, acrobatic women i am filled with an inspired feeling of expansion that i often get after speaking to someone new and exciting who i would like to emulate in my own life. and Hera’s figures convey an unwavering self-confidence to me. they are those women whose posture alone tells you that they don’t care what anyone else thinks about them.

do these pieces evoke a thought, a feeling, or a memory for you? do they remind you of someone else? another artist’s work, a friend’s style, or something about your self? what type of art would you create for the public, for everyone and anyone to share with you?

spend some time with these women and if you find yourself wanting more, remember, they’re just 3 out of hundreds of women doing graffiti around the world.

{Faith47, South Africa}
“Female empowerment is one of the issues I explore in order to inspire and provoke response…In South Africa the rape statistic is one in three. There is definitely a lack of constructive role models in the media and this is something we need to approach progressively and change…If we are not well-adjusted and educated, then it’s reflected in society as a whole. There is so much mass-media input, propaganda, loud, glossy desire, want, need…we become distracted from subtle movements, intricate details, gestures, feelings and truths that give life its substance. I like my work to suggest something more than what you see, something that can’t necessarily be put into words, something subtle yet strong.” – Faith47






{Jana Joana, Brazil}

 “I would describe my work as social, female, and poetic. I’ve always wanted to work with the city. I try to show women–so that it can be a starting point for those who look at it…I seek the valorization of women as singular productive and creative human beings in society.” – Jana Joana

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Valdemoro, Spain

São João da Boa Vista, Brazil

(photos via Graffiti | Jana Joana)

{Hera, Germany}
“I know enough female characters, painted by men, which are meant to look sexy…a truly monotonous world of images. In my pieces I show the other side of being a woman. So sometimes they really are sexy, but most of the time they are just beautiful mummies pushing their shopping trolleys, with small breasts and chunky thighs.” – Hera


(via huffington post)



(via pinterest)

all quotes from Graffiti Women: street art from five continents by Nicholas Ganz. Buy the book here.

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