i’m just here for savasana


some people go to yoga for a workout, to tone, to sweat, to push mind and body to limits and then surpass those limits only to surpass them again

others attend because for an hour and a half a day they can be barefoot, make noises, fall only to laugh

some tried it because it was trendy and they looked hot in their neon lululemons, only to realize that Vogue could renounce yoga as so-last-month, yet they’re yogis for good

the journey, the process, the calmness and flexibility one learns to confront imbalance with

and then savasana

i practice yoga for my mind, as i’ve gained tools to soothe and hush my voice inside myself that I had looked everywhere and never found

i practice yoga for my body, as making physical space in myself creates emotional space as well – not to mention how good it feels to wring yourself in every direction with every toxin and poison that you come into contact with constantly living in this “modernity” dripping out of you, slowly slowly then waterfalls

i practice yoga for my soul because whether there’s music playing or not my breath creates something more beautiful than the New York Philharmonic ever could

and then savasana

the moment when i can feel – in my mind, body, soul – the changes the last hour and a half have done to me – mind, body, soul

the moment when everything in me comes out

the moment when my eyes burn, tears fall clumsily down the sides of my face, my breathe quickens for the final time, and my heart hiccups

because i’m sad

because i’m happy

because i’m stressed

because i’m grateful

because life is hard

because life is simple

because life is beautiful

because savasana


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