in favor of abolishing nighttime


i have to admit something. it is going to sound so silly, so silly coming from a grown up person.

…i am scared of the dark.

yes, exactly like you think. i lie in my bed at night just wondering what might be under my bed, in my closet. i get up. i check. i get back under the covers. i start wondering again.

there are very specific rules for what darkness situations will frighten me or not.

for example, i will not be frightened if:

  • there are more than three other people in the house
  • i can hear people speaking in the vicinity
  • it is before midnight
  • i am in a hotel, even alone
  • i am sleeping several stories above ground, preferably behind a locked door
  • i am in a city
  • the sun has begun to rise (yes i have waited for that before)


and i will be scared if:

  • i am alone
  • i am with only one other person in a quiet, dark place
  • it is after midnight
  • there are many closets in the house that i have not checked
  • things start creaking
  • i am in the country


my sleeping problems are so bad that i still run into my roommate’s rooms occasionally and sleep on the floor beside their beds. i have slept alone, all alone in a house, exactly one time in my entire life. it was earlier this year. i recently went on vacation to a cabin and every night, around 8:30, dusk would begin to creep over the sky and i would start feeling unsettled, glancing out of the windows every so often, jumping at little noises, and nervously turning lights on and off trying to distract myself. as soon as the sun went down i dreaded every minute i would have to count down until it rose again. i thought about it happily shining on some other part of the globe, leaving me, paralyzed, to wait.

why do i have such a problem with night? what do i think will happen during night that seems so magically impossible during the day? what if i ever have to live by myself! what can i do to fix this problem which plagues me for almost half of every day? really, i need help.

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