community: boobies!


Kara Maria Ananda assembled a post on exactly why your breasts are so beautiful, powerful, and amazing. she tells you what they do and how to care for them properly.

for example, did you know that not wearing a bra could lead to perkier breasts in the future? not to mention that it allows for better blood in the boob circulation (sad for me–i love my tight, underwire push-ups).

and on a more serious note, did you know that breast cancer is the leading type of cancer in women? maybe you did know this, but there are still plenty of healthy habits you can get into to augment your breasts’ health!

she says it much better than we could so just read this: Viva La Boobies! 7 Things to Know About Breasts — Kara Maria Ananda.

check out the rest of her blog! she writes a lot of good stuff on holistic women’s health!: About Kara Maria Ananda — Kara Maria Ananda.


(photos via weheartit)


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