a call to action


in only three short weeks we’ve had over 2,000 views, 100 likes, 65 followers, and 21 comments. we’re dancing in our pants because of all of you and how thrilled we are that this project is growing so quickly, so thank you dear readers and friends.

Kuntsrule was made with every single one of you in mind – it was made for all of us. Kuntsrule is proud to have begun creating and calling this community, but we want to hear you and feel you and know you, and amigos, this is the place.

every post that comes on here affects more and more of you each day as more and more of you discover us and read us. do it for yourselves, but most importantly, submit for the world, because each word posted may help, save, or bring a smile more than you know.

Submit, just do it.

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