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summer is fast upon us as may comes to an end, but it’s not to late to start your own garden! trust me, i am a city girl and gardening doesn’t come naturally to me, so i have enlisted the help of several pro-gardeners (namely moms and dads i know), to give me tips, help me pick out seed and plants, and give me the courage to just jump in and get my feet wet (or my hands dirty).

to get started, read this: Urban Gardening for the Everyday Person.

also see You Grow Girl’s gardening resources for the down low on how to start seeds, what types of tools, fertilizers, and potting soils you might consider, as well as how to cultivate your own lettuce and tomatoes (why not start with an easy salad?).

(via Four Season Farm – Photo Gallery)

the most important thing for new gardeners is NOT to be afraid. i am a new gardener too and everyone assures me one thing…i will mess up. you will too. that’s why there’s next year and the year after…

if you live in an urban area or really want to make the gardening challenge bite sized and manageable, start with clay pot gardening which can be done indoors or outdoors. just make sure you have a few different sized pots/planters ready so that you can transfer your plants from smaller to larger pots as they grow.

(via Four Season Farm – Photo Gallery)

if you are ready to full on garden outside, double check whether the soil in your area might be contaminated with gross-nasty human pollutants like oil, mercury, etc… if you grow your plants in toxic dirt, you will later be eating toxic fruits and veggies.

to avoid compromised dirt, it might be a good idea to garden in raised beds. sound hard? i think so too, but luckily Christ and Julia Marcum are here to prove you wrong. they have a plan for building 3 big beds in under 3 hours [via

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