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andrea gibson’s poetry is brilliant like a super smart crown jewel, watch her perform her spoken word piece, “Say Yes”:

Andrea Gibson – Say Yes – YouTube.


andrea gibson is so many things. she is a beautiful writer, speaker, poet, and activist/voice for women, queer, trans*, and abused individuals. she speaks out and performs on a variety of topics including sexuality, love, hate, gender, war, politics, bullying, spirituality, emotions, womanness, queerness, and more. she is one of those people who seems to be able to take the extremely broad range of our most complex experiences of the modern world and authentically convey them with vigor and passion in her spoken poems. her poems are as nuanced as our experiences themselves. this is a true and beautiful talent.


Autostraddle published an amazing interview on gibson which you should read here: Autostraddle — Poet and Activist, Andrea Gibson: The Autostraddle Interview.

in it she is quoted answering the question “what inspires you?”

she says:

Anything that makes my heart race I write about. Anything that makes my stomach hurt. Anything that keeps me awake at night. Anything that makes me want to stay in bed for a week. Anything that makes we wish I could play a musical instrument. Anything that makes me want to move to Canada.

her answer has helped guide me toward those moments and experiences that hold the potential for the most personal transformation and growth and, in times of need, give me something to write, sing, talk, and care about.

this woman makes me feel like when i forget how to do it myself.


want to know more? see Andrea Gibson | poet :: activist.

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