sex on a plane


So I am sitting on the plane (woohoo internet on Virgin America), reading “Mind Blowing Sex, the Woman’s Guide.” Across the aisle is an Australian couple from Harvard Business School with their darling little blonde baby. An hour into the flight, the baby begins pointing at my book–the cover of which I have been careful to conceal while simultaneously annotating how to “best stimulate the pussy” and why “P in V action won’t always get you off.”

Then the father says causally, “oh you want to know what she’s reading!” Flustered, I quickly blurt out that it is for a sexuality class and it may not be suitable for babies. Then the ADORABLE father says: “oh, this baby is comfortable with his sexuality! He kisses both men and women.” Omg, i melted.

The father then proceeded to hand his snuggly little one-year-old to my loving embrace. I’m so happy.

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