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if i were a boy i think i would wear my hair really, really short. probably buzzed. i have always wanted to do that to my own hair but i have been too scared. it is too long and too many people tell me that they love it (it seems like one of my best or at least most noticeable features). i also think i would wear my shirts and pants a little tighter than most american boys do. i think i would find the unspoken rules of boy fashion a bit constricting. maybe that is because i am a girl and i am used to a range of shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, pants, rompers, heels, flats, wedges, flops, etc. all adorned in a variety of colors, patterns, frills, jewels, gems, lacy cutouts, and dangling strings. i feel it would be hard to choose between pant and short each day. it would be hard to stick to tame colors like blues, whites, and unoffensive yellows or greens. because i don’t think i would brand myself as a hipster boy or a gay boy or even a seriously preppy boy. and they kind of rule the color pops of the boy world…everyone else sort of sticks to their gray scale.

that’s just my looks though. how would i think? i don’t even know. what types of girls would i like? how would i talk, oh my, how would i hit on a girl? sure i have flirted (pretty bad at it too), but having the social expectation of initiating? where would i even begin? i hope i wouldn’t be the boy who uses a bad pick-up line while he’s drunk at a party. would i be brave enough to look a girl in the eyes in sober daylight and commit to see whether she looks back, smiles, should i say hello then?

also, if i were a boy, i wonder where i would cry both literally and metaphorically. would i even need to cry? i have read somewhere that boys need to cry less than girls…that they have a different chemical reaction that turns emotional trauma not into tears but…what?

maybe this is all too hard. maybe i will just be me in a t-shirt and jeans and see how the world plays out around me.


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