community: get juicy II–why it works


Last week we thought about juicing and tried out some recipes (that turned out to be pretty delicious!). This week we wanted to give you a little more on the philosophy of juicing and why it works. Dr. Joel Kahn gives us a breakdown on a lecture by Joe Cross who explains why juicing helps restore and heal an unhealthy body as well as supplements and energizes an already healthy body.

He makes the good point that we are encouraged to get 5-10 servings of vegetables each day. We often find it hard to squeeze that many servings into just three meals a day, especially if we eat other food groups like meats or grains. Juicing allows you to condense the nutrients of two large salads into about 12 ounces of juice.

In his article he provides us a list of the most important nutrients found in plants (fruits and veggies) and explains what they do to keep us healthy.

Read the article here: Why Juicing Works: A Cardiologist Explains.



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