community: why you need to cuddlesnugglehug today

did you know that cuddling can boost your mental and physical health? here’s how:



1. Cuddling releases oxytocin, the famous bonding-feel good chemical.


2. Cuddling reduces stress which in turn lowers risk for high blood pressure and even heart disease.


3. Cuddling before bed can help you fall asleep faster.


4. Cuddling can help you tolerate more pain (wonder why we need to squeeze someone’s hand when we get vaccinations or get a new piercing?)


5. Cuddling increases hemoglobin and oxygen flow throughout your body which keeps your organs healthy and promotes healing.


6. Cuddling helps you communicate better with your cuddle buddy. We are all very unique individuals and we don’t always understand one another. But we can still love one another!


7. Cuddling and other forms of touch show your love, care, and support even when you don’t have the exact words express how you feel.


even a 30 second hug brings you the benefits of a longer cuddle session! grab someone you love and give them a snuggle today…you’ll both be glad you did.



see more at 5 Health Reasons to Make Time for Cuddling – Shape Magazine. and  The Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Hugging | Niwali Health.


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