perfect pancakes


breakfast has always been one of my favorite things. i think i might have inherited this from my parents. every saturday morning, back when i lived at home, my mom would wake up at 8:30 to go to the farmer’s market and my dad would run down to the convenience store to buy milk and bacon (which we were always out of). by the time i woke up around 10 am, the two of them would be surrounded by sizzling, steaming breakfast foods. the kitchen table would be covered in our blue and white flowered table cloth. there would be plates for food, little ceramic bowls for yogurt and granola, a cup for water, a teacup for tea, and a glass for fizzing juice. my siblings and i would settle ourselves, half dressed and half awake, into the same chairs each time, my sister always at the head of the table, the rest of us flanking her, and watch our parents lay out the meal in front of us–cheesy eggs, toast, pancakes with syrup, fruit bowl, goetta sausage, bacon, jams, butter…


this experience is pretty hard to recreate by myself. most mornings i make a cup of coffee or tea and have some toast. i miss the sounds and smells and even the colorful sight of my big family breakfasts. so recently i indulged myself in a box of organic, vanilla pancake mix and one bottle of grade A Vermont maple syrup. all by myself, the box has lasted me for weeks. but my morning routine is now re-imbued with a sense of care and love. i wake up early every morning and put the coffee pot on before i start mixing up my batter, chopping up bits of fruit and chocolate to throw in. by the time my pancakes are golden the kitchen smells like a home and my roommates have wandered out of their beds to eat, snuggle, and recount their dreams with me.

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