community: how does kuntsrule work?


Kuntsrule is a blog that has two types of posts:

1) Stories: our readers submit their stories! kuntsrule is a safe space for self-identified women to unite as a community to support one another’s independent expressions. this is the place for you to talk about the big moments and the tiniest moments that meant something to you, that made you think and made you feel and made you tingle from nose to toes. you have something inside of you that no one else can offer. share that with us! every submission is posted to our home page. Submit at Kuntsrule Submission!

2) Community: all posts labeled community are written by kuntsrule editors, this is our way of giving back to you, the reader. we share interviews, literature and film reviews, question and answer sessions, music recommendations, recipes, travel ideas, product and event promotions, and anything we think will make your life just a little brighter today.


Kuntsrule also has a few types of pages…

1) Homepage: This is where you see every story and community post ever written for us! If you want to see only sex stories or only body stories, etc, just go to categories at the bottom of the page and pick the type of post you want to see.

2) Weekly Feature Pages: all of our other pages change each monday. we feature a special story and a special community post for an entire week in each of our 4 categories: ♀-Ness, Body, Sex, and Be Well. check back to see if the weekly feature is your story!


Got a minute? Submit Now!

Our question of the day is:

What does a “safe space for women” mean to you? What features and facets does it need to have? What safe spaces do you already have?– tell us all at Kuntsrule Submission.


{still have questions? see our About and Submit  pages.}


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