slow n’ stuck


sometimes the world seems so big that it is a burden to know just how much of it there is. it took me thirty minutes just to walk a mile and a half to my class this afternoon. how will i ever see all the things this earth has to offer me if i am stuck at that pace? and i know that there are trains, and planes, and cars. but once i get to a place…i can’t just speed past in a blur of metal and wheels. i know i am going to have to use my own to feet to find my favorite coffee shop, to search out the yummy yet cheap bars, to have some good conversations in unexpected corners, and begin to feel what any certain place has to offer me. i have a personal little map in my head of all the places i have gone in the world, but every mental pin added makes me realize just how many points on the globe are left. yes, i have been to north carolina…but only to one beach, one holiday condo, a handful of restaurants. do i get to color in the whole state after bumbling around a 5 mile radius for a long weekend? I want it all! I want the world!


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