wear, under where?

i don’t like wearing underwear. i just wanted to warn everyone because it is summer now and this is my prime season for going commando in my flowing dresses and skirts. so i apologize in advance if i am sitting across from you and i forget to cross my legs. i just love the warm breeze keeping everything down there dry and fresh!! but more than that i hate the feel of constrictive, ever-damp panties scrunched into that uncomfortable thick seam of my jeans. ugh, why is the seam so rigid and lumpy? it hurts to sit and stand and move from side to side because it’s pinching my sexy treasure. plus, i don’t shave or wax right now and the hairs are getting all tangled and terrible in tight layers of clothes. i don’t want off with my hair, i want off with my clothes!

so ladies, it’s 70 degrees today and i am wearing my little shorts with the roses printed on them and there is nothing under there.



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