in a cloud of farts and orange juice


“in a cloud of farts and orange juice
i sit and write
sit and plunk
find a title:

oops: already taken
yet another white girl, appropriating black fem lit
bell hooks bell hooks bell hooks
i wanna write about oppression and whiteness
but no scholarship on the fem art movement in LA in 1970s being RACIST
do i hafta friggin go back in time to LA to prove it?

it was all white women
white white white


is anyone saying that?
it’s just a big big problem and no one’s talking about it
of course they’re not talking about it
it’s (invisible)         it’s (privilege)
it’s judy chicago’s privilege to be named ‘white feminist queen’ of the art world
it’s “woman building”s privilege to be seen as center of fem activist art life in 70s LA

so white is central in the history, and then in the retelling of the history (the scholarship)
so it’s jsut like layers and layers of unaware white racist feminism over and over again?

need intersectionality. not multiculti-diversity-tokenism bullshit, but real actual breathing intersectionality and Solidarity (not sisterhood).

give me some gloria anzaldua pleaaaaase! ugh!
“caminante, no hay puentes, se hace puentes al andar”
(voyager, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks)
i want to build bridges, no no that’s daunting, i want to walk, just walk for now”

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