community: Deep Listening–Pauline Oliveros



Pauline Oliveros is a pretty cool lady, writing avante-garde music as an out lesbian, even now as an 80-year-old!  Additionally, she has founded a Deep Listening Institute which holds retreats for people of all interests, ages, backgrounds.  According to her Institute’s website:

“There’s more to listening than meets the ear.  Pauline Oliveros herself describes Deep Listening as ‘listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what one is doing.’  Basically Deep Listening, as developed by Oliveros, explores the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature – exclusive and inclusive — of listening.  The practice includes bodywork, sonic meditations, interactive performance, listening to the sounds of daily life, nature, one’s own thoughts, imagination and dreams, and listening to listening itself.  It cultivates a heightened awareness of the sonic environment, both external and internal, and promotes experimentation, improvisation, collaboration, playfulness and other creative skills vital to personal and community growth.””
More Here:

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