child’s eyes


The birds used to tell you stories, the ocean used to whisper secrets, and the moon used to have your entire life written on it in glowing  letters. Your hair used to swallow the summer sun, and by the first day of school you had at least 5 different colors in it – here, let me show you, I can prove it! There was no such thing as a boring button – all the ones on your dresses took the shape of flowers, or had gingham stripes, or  were topped with a rhinestone. You used to go swimming in the ocean, and comb through your wet hair with your fingers, just like the mermaids you were sure existed. There was no giant troll that your parents couldn’t handle, and the dark dusty beasts under your bed would dissappear with your nightlight.

Perhaps these days all these are simply foreign memories, covered, shoved, and dug deep into the folds of your everyday life – frozen feelings, sentiments, and a conciousness that seems like it no longer belongs to you. Perhaps you are simply too afraid of the nostalgia that will drench you like the sprinklers of your yard once did when you ran through them with all your clothes on. Perhaps you’ve just become…boring.

So today, let in the light of your childhood, of the sun, and of the love that surrounds you everyday. Drive with the windows rolled down, let the fresh air gently whip your hair around (even if it means arriving to your meeting/work/class with a few strands out of place), and let in the energy of this beautiful Earth that we live with.


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