head in the clouds


Like the vibrations emanating from a huge amplifier, the sun’s pulsating reach sends your body through to a different dimension, holding you, suspending you in its transcendental power, greater than could be known in this tiny space – this little planet, thinner than a hair on the knuckle of the true universe, and less powerful. Nothing, yet everything to us, to you, to me.

The window seats in airplanes are like crystal balls. The shatter proof windows give entirely new perspective to the world, the earth, one’s life. Sitting in an uncomfortably upright too-small chair with your legs crunched up, the mind takes off from the body, just as the plane did moments before, and it begins to fly. You are able to see and view your life, there on the ground, from thousands of feet above it. The tiny houses, grains of sand on the backdrop, little lights, giant mountains shrunken to wrinkles on a carpet, fields simply turned into quilted geometric shapes, cities into mazes of grey tongues, rush hour rolling along them.

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