Feeling Hot

There I was in hot yoga class going through a cycle of vinyasas. Fold forward, halfway lift, chaturanga, upward dog, lift from the floor- and there! As my pelvis leaves the mat, I feel a definite tingle that runs up my spine and sparks between my legs. We cycle through vinyasa again and this time I am even more aware. Each time the instructor tells me to squeeze my legs, my pelvis, my tummy, each time one thigh grazes another, little vibrations emanate from the place where my body folds over and in on itself.

In waves I feel both self conscious that I am experiencing circling sexual pleasures in public, in a crowded room of strangers and quietly free, just one hot, sweaty, nearly unclothed body in a sea of bodies flowing, gyrating to the same rhythm and the same breath. I suddenly think, how was yoga ever not sexual, not sensual for me? Because right now my blood is pounding and pressing into all the most sensitive corners of me and making my skin feel alive to the touch of the air, the ground, myself.

It’s like I am slowly waking up from my vagina. This awakening radiates outward until even my nose touching the mat feels like a little massage. My toe tips tingle as I press them firmly into the ribbed vinyl of my mat.

Out in the cool spring air after class, I wonder what to make of the erotic asanas. Mostly I just think that I can’t wait to touch someone with the patience, the endurance, the heat, and the softness with which yoga touches me.

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